There are two common types of touchscreen display of mobile phones which are the resistive and capacitive touchscreen. Resistive touchscreen is made by two plastic sheets like separated by very small gap that when a force or contact made on the surface of the screen, the two plastic sheets will touch each other and will act as an input to your device. In the other hand, the capacitive touchscreen consist of a glass coated with transparent conductor. So when the screen is touch by a human body (like finger) that is also an electrical conductor will result in distortion of the screen's electrostatic field, measurable as a change in capacitance.

Locking the touchscreen display

1. Quickly Press the Power Button on the top of the device once.*

Unlocking the touchscreen display

1. Quickly Press the Power Button once.*

2. Tap and Hold on the screen and slide the image off the screen.

* Please do not hold / press in the Power Button for longer than 1 second, this may cause the device to power off, a quick, easy press on the button will enable the  Lock /  Unlock functionality.

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