Have you got a Blackberry Curve 9220 but having some trouble browsing the internet with it? Here I'll teach you some the tips and tricks for you to easily use and understand how the  internet browser on your Blackberry smartphone works.

Opening the browser and going to a website

First thing that you should know of course is open up the internet browser application by selecting the icon that looks like this and it will open up a new window where there is a rectangular box

 on the top of your screen. That box can be used to type in the URL  

or web address that you want to visit or use it for searching a keyword or phrase just like Google.

Under that box, you will also see the 

and    items. 

Once you have that in the URL or word you are searching for, press on the return keyand it

 will show up the web page.

Browsing the page

You can scroll around the page using the track padin any direction.

If you can barely see the content of the page that you have on your screen, you can press the 

menu key, select "Zoom" then scroll thetrack pad up to zoom in and down to

 zoom out. Once you've got the ideal zoom level, you can press the track pad to accept.

Just like a normal browser it also has back, forward and refresh options 

when you press on the  menu key.  You can also find the history options to see the web pages 

that you have previously visited and it is sorted by dates.

Browsing multiple sites at one time

If you want to go to a link on a new window, you can just move the cursor then press and hold on the 

track pad and then selectand it will open the page on a another window.

For you to manage the tabs, select the tab icon located in the top right hand corner of your 

browser and it will show the web pages that you have opened and there you can switch between tabs.  

Select the box with a + sign to open new or  below the selected tab to close it.

Here are the other options that you will get when you invoke a pop up menu by holding down the track pad. 

This is to save or add the selected link to your Bookmarks 

This is use to send the link via email or text message 

This is use to copy the selected link

This is use to open the link on the same window

Only works when you selected an link with image

Only works when you selected an link with image

Only works when you selected an link with image

Select if you want to see the full menu. 

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